Why Certain Affiliate Program Do Not Allow Affiliates From Certain Countries?

The majority of affiliate programs have created terms and conditions which don’t register affiliates from other countries. There’re variety of reasons. What may be the reason, the following are some of them;

It’s a question of business reputation and good will;

Business good will

What’s business good will. It is business ethics or customs which guides managers & employees how to conduct operations. As an affiliate, you are bound by these customs.

It happens on many occasions, that some affiliate marketers are not aware of business good will. They ‘have been lured to affiliate marketing to make money through illegitimate marketing methods. One need not blame them because they have no knowledge about marketing ethics

All countries of the world have laws in place to regulate how their local companies must conduct business in other countries, including USA. They have subscribed to these business ethics. However, in other countries these laws are ignored. To them anyone bringing foreign currency, no matter how he/she generates it, doesn’t matter

Affiliate marketing will always be engulfed by controversies. If you ask someone online what affiliate marketing is all about. The answer will be to make money and that’s it.

What’s a hype about business good will?

One of my followers once made a comment, that I keep on talking about business ethics. What’s the fuss, if he/she makes money, i.e. if a customer was stupid & unaware about his/her consumer rights, that will be his/her problem. 

These are some of the attitudes you’ll always come across online. It’s an, I don’t care attitude. Similarly, certain countries don’t  concern themselves about good business practice. To them any foreign income automatically attracts government income in the form taxes. How the money was generated is none of their business.

It is on those basis, that affiliate program networks do not accept or register  affiliates from certain countries. Please don’t misconstrue what I have just said. Certain countries may not care how their nationals conduct business in foreign countries,  But the discussion is about countries not nationals of that country

You may be residing in a country under scrutiny, but you’re not unscrupulous or corrupt, unfortunately when you apply to participate in affiliate program. You’re not allowed. 

The issue, Why Certain Affiliate Program Do Not Allow Affiliates From Certain Countries? We can do nothing about it. Rules are rules. 


Final thought

I know all of us come online to search for money making opportunities. We come from different parts of the world. It is thus sad to find out that Amazon.com doesn’t want to admit them in their affiliate program, because you reside in a country that is banned from their program

You’re not banned because you’re an unscrupulous affiliate marketer or your country doesn’t abide by international law. It is just a question of affiliate program policies it has put in place

Nonetheless, don’t feel bad about it. From my own knowledge, majority of affiliate network programs leniently admits innocent affiliate marketers irrespective where they live. Furthermore, there’re more than million affiliate program networks online. If your country is banned, you must search for others


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