What’s The Best Way of Learning Affiliate Marketing?

An aspirant affiliate marketer may want to know which is the best way of learning affiliate marketing.  The majority of beginner’s in this industry they tend to ask themselves the following questions;

  • What are the important things should a beginner learn and make money?
  • Must I learn from an ebook?
  • Must I learn from training video’s?
  • Must I learn from a friend or advanced affiliate marketer?
  • Must I join and learn from affiliate marketing forum?
  • Must I learn from a membership site?


  • Important things to Learn

I’m going to explain, the most important things to learn about the industry. Firstly and most importantly, is that you must learn to develop a website. This is the only important tool you must have in order to succeed. Without a site/location of your business, you prospect of success are blink. A site of your own is a MUST.

Some critics say, in this industry your site is not so important. The merchant (Amazon) provide affiliates with affiliate link to get started, then what’s the hype about site creation. They go on further saying that people are making $1 000 to $5 000 without a single website.

I need to warn you, there’s no way you can generate such income without a site of your own.

Therefore, You must take responsibility of learning how to develop your own website, learn to create content, learn how to optimize and promote it.

  • Training video’s

Some advanced internet marketers had created training video material for those who want to learn affiliate marketing through. The good thing about them is that, you learn the industry through visual method. When you have downloaded them, you can listen to them at your own time and pace.

However, you need to implement what you have learn in order to achieve good results. In a nutshell, you must listen and apply what you learned from video’s. However, there’re continuous changes taking place online. Your video’s must always be updated to keep up with such changes

  • Advanced affiliate marketer

Some people say, in order to be successful, you need to learn from successful people, I’m not sure about that. What I know is that advanced affiliate marketers were at some stage newbies themselves, through hard work, commitment, passion, they became successful

There’s nothing wrong in learning anything from successful people, but you should not follow them blindly. These guys have advanced knowledge in the field. What they will never tell you, is the method they use to achieve 5 or 6 figure income. Therefore be careful when learning from them

  • Affiliate marketing forum

These networks present an informative opportunity for beginner affiliates. In these forums members daily share their experiences about different affiliate marketing strategies. Experienced members provide answers to questions posted by  newbies

Forum members also learn new developments about the industry. However, these platforms are not so useful to beginners, because, some information exchanged there, cannot be easily understood by newcomers, I mean the affiliate marketing language sometimes is so ambiguous and confusing to any beginner. Nonetheless is a useful platform to learn what goes on in the industry

  • Membership site

These are #1 places to fully learn about the entire industry. Those who have joined, are taken care of by site owners and other members. These sites provide step by step training about the industry. Some of them have created a one – on – one support, where site owners help beginners by taking them by hand until they can do things by themselves

The challenges facing these networks is that, any person can create a membership site and build a large membership base. The main idea is to generate huge membership income. They don’t have advanced training tools, what they normally do is to tell members to buy additional information in order to succeed.

Another challenge is that some of them have 6 to 12 moths membership period. I you join them, you have only 12 months to learn and succeed. After 12 month period you are on your own. Their training course are sometimes poorly developed, if a beginner requires an in depth information, they are informed to pay more to purchase such information

The question, what’s the best way to learn affiliate marketing, depends on what works for each individual beginner. One method can for you while on the other hands it doesn’t work for others.






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