What kind of business Model Do You Want To Purse Online


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Do you want to sell video games, dog training course, baby shoes, t – shirts. You need to decide now, exactly what kind of business model do you want pursue here. I can assure there’re millions of business opportunities. Before you can embark on the journey to decide your business model, you must determine your inner strengths. The following personal attributes are very important

Your passion

With regard to this topic, you need to determine what you’re passionate about. Put it the other way, what are your enthusiastic about, i.e do you like TV, games,sports, cricket etc. This is your first step in determining your inner strengths. What are you good at? You can’t embark on a trip knowingly you’re not in for it. Once you doubt that you’re not in for it, definitely you must not even think about it. You’ll loose your money, time & other resources. So determine your passion, before pursuing any project.

Your Interest

What are your interest, this is more or less the same as above topic. Interest can be associated with attraction, what attracts you to something. Is it because of money, object oulook, something that will improve you personality, etc. Are you interested in helping people. This one is too broad. Everyone likes to help his/her family, neighbors or friends about anything. Determine what do you want to help people about. You can’t say you want to help people about anything. You need to determine a specific need that you want to assist people about. By doing so you narrow the gap between the broad needs & scale them to specific needs.

Your Skills

Skills referred to what you’ve learned in the past. Your past successes on a particular way of life. If you have acquired some specific skills, those are your strengths you can use to accomplish any future projects. If you have succeeded in completing certain tasks, then you stand a better position to accomplish your chosen tasks online.


Final thought

Finally you need to have passion for something, determine your interest in a particular object/project, determine what you’re good at. The combination of the above personal attributes will determine whether you’ll succeed or fail in the internet marketing industry.


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