What is the best niche for affiliate marketing?

Let’s start by asking what’s a niche?. Before you came online, you already had a passion/interest or a unique talent. But, you don’t have knowledge how to showcase it.

What’s a niche in anyway?

It is a sub component of the main category, example, low income earners, niche then will be, low income earners in California, low income earners who retired, low income earners for pension payment, low taxi income earners, low bus income earners, low mechanic income earners etc. 

The niche therefore, is that specific need for a particular section of the population. People online are not searching for everything. They are looking for specific service/item/product that will address their individual problems.

You,as an affiliate marketer must be able to search what people are looking for and give it to them. In short, if you can find what people are looking for, you then have a niche. 

What’s your niche?

To make money is not a niche. A niche, if developed and promoted or will make money for you. My niche is training, i.e. to train people how to setup successful online business. Then, I must search for people who are interested in build legitimate affiliate marketing business. That’s my niche.

If you want to do the same, your next question should be, do you have passion or interest in training people in general. Do you have knowledge/expertise to train them on the subject (niche). These are pertinent question, you have to ask yourself, before you decide on the niche.

What’s the best niche for affiliate marketing?

Every niche is the best or lucrative/profitable, as long as you know what you’re doing. Selling airline tickets or any other item online may be equally lucrative or profitable. So, don’t allow people decide a niche for you.

To be specific, there’re over 500 000 niches online. Which one to choose, remain entirely on you. I said before, don’t be confused by gurus that you must follow a certain niche. A niche should be something you’re passion about. Anything that triggers your passion. Anything you’re enthusiastic about, you can develop a niche out of it. 

Don’t follow the crowd, follow your passion/interest. Facebook was created by people who like conversation or social engagements, Instagram.com, was developed by people who have passion for images or photo’s. The list goes on. Thus, what’s your passion/interest

Final thought

I have said a mouthful about a niche above. An interest/passion or enthusiasm about something can be turned into a niche. Let’s say you’re a camping enthusiast. You must then go online and surf anything about camping, i.e. camping tent, binoculars, camping trailers, camping lights etc.

You have to look for site which has an affiliate program, signup and join their affiliate program. You can do the same if you have variety of interests. Some people are passionate about different things. Therefore you can create affiliate account on them.

However, you need to be careful don’t chase many niches, try to focus your attention on few things before exploring many avenues. Every project, comes with its own challenges and requires it’s own individual attention 



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