WA Training Video’s

Although text tutorials are the primary training source, HOWEVER, some people prefer to receive training by listening to video material. Wealthy Affiliate produces weeks, monthly quality training video’s to assist beginners to succeed in their affiliate marketing journey, below are some of WA live video’s:

Searching For Lucrative Affiliate Program

Since you’re a newbie affiliate marketer, and you trying to find affiliate program online, I suggest you follow the link below and learn from this video how to find them;


Advanced Audience & Customer Research techniques

If you want to succeed in affiliate/internet marketing industry, you need to know what your customer needs are, and most importantly people go online to search for specific solutions to their problems. As newbie affiliate/internet marketer, you need to acquire skills of determining online customer behavior. learn more on this video;


Learn to write a blog at Wealthy Affiliate

Are you battling to write a blog or you don’t have clue on how to write content for your site. At Wealthy Affiliate site there’are tons of training how to do just that. If you have just started affiliate marketing journey, you’re not on your own. Wealthy Affiliate can take you by hand until you master the skill of content/blog writing, learn more below;

Creating infographics for your website

Infographics, others call it clips, it’s a representation of information in graphic format. The purpose is to enable the readers to learn and see virtual representation of information and other material in a graphic format. The video below will walk you through the process of creating infographics for your site

Learn the art of dropshipping

Have you heard about dropshipping, and how to start a business and make money. Check this video below and learn how to go about setting up a successful dropshipping business


Keyword Comprehension

Keywords are critical component of any website. The video below teaches you step by step how to go about organizing and setting up keywords that will correctly position your site on Google. If you want to have about keywords learn from this video material

How to Promote Your Ecommerce Business

The internet doesn’t allow you only to buy staff online, but it also enables you to sell goods and products. You may have your own invention or creative work offline, Shopify.com can assist you to build a website in order to sell your goods/products online. Learn from this video how to go about promoting your eCommerce business. 


Introduction to Google Analytics

What’s Google Analytics anyway? It’s a platform where Google display your website activities, i.e. visitors coming in and out of your site. The video below will show you how Google analytics works or will show what to do with the information contained therein.

The Fundamentals of WordPress

Creating your own website is a must these days. But newbie affiliate marketers are faced with web development challenges. Some tend to outsource this service, not knowing they can do it by themselves. This video will teach you the basic features of WordPress. Once you have learned it, site development with be something of the past.

Putting Your Content Research Into Action

You have possibly learned about so called content, or let me say quality content. This video teaches you how to find information to write in you site/blog. It will teach simple strategy how to conduct research and create logical content.    

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