Things You Should Know About Affiliate Marketing Without A Website

Is it possible to run affiliate marketing without a website? These are kind of questions beginner affiliate marketing ask on regular basis. I will try to give my own viewpoints below;

Affiliate marketing without a site

Yes, it is possible to run affiliate marketing without your own site. It is not a requirement to set up. It’s where all beginners start. Merchant sites open business opportunities to newbies to market their products or services. However, Amazon, Commission Junction and few others do not register affiliates if they don’t have one.

The reasons are unknown, but from their own marketing history and business experience, it is not viable for them to allow people market, their productions/services without a website.

Why a website so important in affiliate marketing? 

If you want to run a successful business, you need a store/location/site. If you run affiliate marketing without a site, you like a street hawker. A street vendor has a tendency to move from one location to another, from one corner to the other searching for potential customers. He/she doesn’t have a specific location. And most importantly he/she doesn’t have regular customers, any person whom he/she comes across is a customer/buyer

Forward this to online world, Any newbie or affiliate marketer, who doesn’t have a site, is operating like a street vendor. From my own business experience, street vendors do not succeed in business environment, only if they have location or store, that’s where they temporary make money

How much money can beginner affiliate make

This is an interesting topic. I’m sure you had at some point come across million ads that say, you can make x number of dollars online. It’s unknown, but you can make $1 up to $10 000, depends on certain things. But, be rest assured, you’ll never generate even a  lousily $100 without a site of your own.

More than 80% of customers online buy products/services from company websites. If a customer wants to buy shoes at Walmart via online platform, he/she just search, not Walmart affiliate link.

Final thought

It is indisputable fact that, one can start affiliate marketing without a site. Many advanced affiliate marketers always maintain that you don’t need one to get started. They further allege that, they can assist newbies to succeed without one.

What’s disturbing about these comments is that, the very same gurus have multiple sites where they operate affiliate marketing business. Others also allege that, if a site is an issue, they can build one for you. 

I need to warn you, don’t take people for granted. Internet users are not stupid, they don’t buy from agents, but they do so on company websites. These are kind of challenges facing most beginners in this industry. Before people can buy from you, firstly they need someone they can someone and most importantly someone who has good reputation. Beginner affiliate marketers lack these credentials

The issue here, is that you must make effort and build a website. It may not be appealing at the beginning, but you must make time and learn how to improve it. 

These are things you should know about operating an affiliate marketing business without a site. As a beginner affiliate marketer, you need to learn how to set it up and continuously develop it.



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