Remember to Shop Around Before Choosing an Affiliate Program

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There are affiliate programs galore on the Internet today. Go to different company websites and you will find many of them. That’s great. A variety of choices is what you want when it comes to choosing an affiliate marketing program. You just need to make sure you make the right choice

We’ll talk about a few affiliate programs here and give you a quick overview of what they offer. The first one is the article distribution service called iSnare. They offer a limited affiliate or referral program. They offer rewards to their affiliates in the form of article distribution credits. In fact, they gear this referral program to those who want to engage in article submission and conduct article promotion campaigns.


If you perform article writing to promote your business you can get some of your distribution performed free by referring others to iSnare. If you refer someone to iSnare and he or she registers and purchases an article distribution package you earn free distribution credits. The amount depends on the size of package the person buys.


If they buy a five-article package, you receive a free article distribution for yourself. If you refer someone and they upgrade to a platinum package you receive 20 article distribution credits. Therefore, you can distribute your own articles without having to pay to do so. That’s iSnare’s affiliate program in a nutshell.


Brick Marketing is a website marketing services firm who has an affiliate program as well. They pay commission for each sale referred by those who are members of their program. They do not pay commissions endlessly on referrals’ commissionable purchases. Brick Marketing pays this commission on a referral for a period of 365 days. If a customer clicks on their link from your site and purchases from their website, within a year from their first purchase, you still get a commission. pays members of their affiliate program in two ways. They have a performance-fee structure and a classic-fee structure. With the performance-fee structure, an affiliate marketer earns more the higher their referrals. Under this structure, an affiliate can earn up to fifteen percent in commissions. Their classic-fee structure is a straight four percent referral fee on purchases. You get to choose what you want to operate under, and can change the option as well. provides their affiliates formatted links for their sites. In addition, they offer their affiliate’s an area on their site where the member can access traffic and earnings statistics. They also provide news alerts and information to help affiliates develop as marketers. provides affiliates who desire it, an “aStore” as well. This platform allows an affiliate to create a professional online store. They can do so without the need for programming skills. It is embeddable within or available for linking to from an affiliate’s website.


Article Marketer’s affiliate program pays on two levels. First, they pay commissions on any Article Marketer subscription sales you garner them. Second, they pay a five percent commission whenever someone you refer as an affiliate makes a sale. They ensure that you, as an affiliate member get credit for all sales you refer, no matter when they occur. Your referral stays connected to you for life.


Article Marketer pays their affiliates’ monthly so there’s no waiting for payments on a quarterly basis and such. They provide their affiliates’ real time tracking of their orders and commissions. Article Marketer has an Affiliate Marketers Blog that affiliates’ can check out to learn how to be better Internet Marketers. In addition, they provide real people support, and extensive promotional materials as well. These promotional materials include banners, linking codes, special offers and promotions, sales copy, and articles for use.


With so many affiliate programs out there, make sure you investigate the features of each. Choose one that provides you the support you need to grow as an affiliate marketer. Also, choose one that pays a fair commission and pays it on a monthly basis. Aligning yourself with a good affiliate program is the first step in succeeding as an affiliate marketer.




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