Cheap or Expensive Internet Marketing Software, Which One To Buy

Cheap or expensive marketing resources, which one is great? This is the question my followers regularly ask me to give my own opinion. I will try below to give my honest opinion. 


Cheap marketing methods

There’s a perception in this industry that if you buy a cheap marketing product, you will not make any penny online. It’s true most of the cheap products normally doesn’t product good results, e.g. you wont’make money online if you use cheap marketing methods. The challenge regarding cheap marketing products, are that they are poorly developed, one – on – one support system is non- existent. training video’s are of poor quality etc.

However, product owners of these materials contend that, cheaper products are manned for low income owners. There’s no point in selling expensive items to people who doesn’t have money to purchase them

Expensive marketing methods

It’s true, if you want to make money, you must spend money. Products that deliver good results are indeed expensive. Take for example a membership  training program that costs $29.99/pm and compare with the one that costs $99. The expensive program is stuffed with tutorials, video’s articles, one-on-one-support, webinars, but the cheaper one, only contains graphics, articles, and some few, short training video’s 

Indeed, any consumer of goods always search for products that will assist him/her to address his/her needs. Generally speaking cheaper material/product contains an element of bad or poor quality.

Final thought

If you’re a newbie affiliate marketer, and wants to make money online, you must purchase those marketing products that will deliver business profit. Cheap products, are generally associated with fake or scam labels.

As an affiliate marketer myself, I need to warn you. Whether a product is cheap or expensive is immaterial. What matters most here is the quality, an item may be expensive but lacks an element of quality.

Let me further explain something in relation to pricing, a material may be pricey, not because it’s made up of quality element. It may be expensive because its’development, packaging and transportation costs is expensive.

Coming back to affiliate/internet marketing, the pricing aspect is that the product itself may be expensive to develop or it has taken a lot of skills and expertise to create, hence it’s expensive, not because it has high quality value, but the skills and knowledge invested is expensive.

 A product may be expensive and has high quality value, but it may fail to deliver return on investment. You can purchase an expensive learning material but fails to generate money at the same time. Where does quality fit into the mix. 

From my own experience in this industry, expensive marketing methods have two challenges. It’s expensive because, the information contained therein consists of expensive ingredients. The product owner himself/herself has paid huge amounts to create it. Therefore, that product can never be cheap. Who benefits in the long run. It is the product owner who wants to get value for money not the the consumer.  

The second challenge is that, those products developed to teach people how to succeed in affiliate marketing skills will always be expensive, because few if not all, promises buyers to generate income. Any product that has the benefits of making someone rich will always be expensive. It’s a hot sell by its very nature. 

Whether a marketing product is expensive or cheap is immaterial. Any training material for affiliate marketing must be capable of teaching buyers how to succeed in mastering money making skills through affiliate marketing


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