My Site Was Getting 1 000 Visitors per month, But All Of Them Are Gone

Comments like these are common among my followers, My Site Was Getting 1 000 or more visitors per month, but all of a sudden they’re gone.

 They’re variety of reasons. But one of the most common are magic systems that appear online. Beginner affiliates may have purchased a magic formula or system. By stroke of luck he/she succeeded in driving visitors to his/her site, but suddenly traffic goes down

Why now few people arrive at your site

I can’t tell you exactly what had happened, why all of a sudden people are not interested in his/her site. In most cases, they had been driven by magic formula or system. People don’t operate like traffic signs. They’re human being like all of us.

There’s nothing wrong in purchasing a product/system to promote your site. But one thing to remember is that, your are promoting something to human beings, therefore you need to take into account that they are capable of reasoning. They apply human minds (which is beyond your control) to take decisions

The issue about magic formula/system in attracting visitors

Certain marketing systems are effective others are not. All affiliate marketers are desperate to succeed in this industry. Any marketing system to promote their business will always come handy

Certain marketing formula are just bad in such a way that they immediately produce bad results, i.e. you can see from the start that they’re bad. While others can deliver quick results as per product specifications, but doesn’t produce quality results (visitors). Or your site just get visitors but they don’t do anything, they just leave ( high bounce rate)

These are common challenges, experienced by affiliate marketers online. 

Which marketing systems are good 

The majority of them are very effective in attracting people to any site, however, attracting visitors is not the end goal. Visitors must perform certain actions, i.e. taking a buying decision.

Any marketing system does only one thing bringing people to your site or any page, and it ends there. Making a buying decision is something else. It is not the system that cause visitors to buy, but the customer and the product linked together will give rise to buying decision. So, if you see huge traffic coming to your site, monitor their behavior and see what they do, 



Final thought

I may not have tackled all the problems associated with site visitors, but all what I know is that the quantity of visitors into any site depends on what really attracted them to come before you make judgment 

Whether, they find what was promoted in your marketing ad is a different story altogether. People don’t buy promises or ad, but they purchase products. Products that will address their problems. 

It is not the promotional material that cause them to buy, but the product content. As a beginner affiliate, you need to be aware of this phenomenon. Getting 1 000 visitors to your site is just a start and big milestone. But if they suddenly disappear, something is not coming alright in your site. 

It may be your marketing system, or you’re promoting something but visitors find different things on your site.  

Beginner affiliate marketers have a tendency, to pay too much attention on people who visits their sites, and less attention to site content. Do people find what they’re looking when landing on your site? If they do, are those items capable of addressing their daily needs? These are salient questions you need to ask yourself

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