Learn Why Affiliate/ Internet Marketing Is Not For Desperate People

You’ll agree with me that, all of us are desperate in life. We’re desperate to find solutions to our problems, learn below why affiliate/internet marketing is not for desperate people.

I’m not suggesting that people should not be desperate in life. Yes, we’re pushed to the limit by life commitments, e.g. you want to move to a bigger, you need a car to take you to work, you want to pay bills, etc. That is understandable, these are part of life commitments.

The problem is that, where’will you get money to pay for these financial commitments. The simple answer is to start affiliate marketing business. This is the first stop to wash away your troubles.

I need to warn you this line of business is not for desperate folks

Affiliate marketing is business like all other

Don’t pursue this line of business under desperation. If, you’re desperate to eliminate your financial problems, affiliate marketing is not a solution. In a nutshell this is not a lottery ticket, it’s business like all other businesses.

I know that you have been told here online, how simple it is to create a site and generate an additional income. Let me explain something, a site is a business platform or location where you intend to showcase your talent, solve other people’s problems and get rewarded.

However, it is unknown whether people will visit your site, let alone purchase anything for that matter. Thus any site you create will not generate income at the beginning. But, you need to develop and promote it before you can thing about getting money

Some basic components of affiliate marketing

The following simple basic components, the list is not exhaustive,

  • Learning basic affiliate/internet marketing skills
  • Continuously learning about the subject
  • Commitment to succeed
  • Expect to fail at any given moments
  • Loosing money in the process
  • Patience, interest & passion
  • Dedication
  • Taking affiliate marketing as serious business like all other
  •  No guarantee for money tomorrow

You can learn any skill and acquire extensive knowledge about this industry, but be rest assured, there’s no guarantee that you’ll generate money in the process. I’m not saying people don’t make money here, they do but after serious marketing and promotion of their sites. 

Final thought

As, an absolute beginner in this industry, you need to learn all the tricks of business in order to succeed. If you came here under desperation to solve your financial problems, then this line of business is not for desperate people

I have said above that we’re all desperate to make money and pay for our needs. However, money making is the end results, but commitment to make that a reality is the key

Desperation will not accelerate money making process. Hard working, commitment, time, passion and interest will take you there. 

It’s an undeniable fact, that every person who setup a business is doing so to make money or profit, but please don’t do so out of desperation. You may set yourself some goals about affiliate marketing. If you fail to accomplish those goals, don’t feel bad about it, continue to develop others. The end results here is to succeed and make money. It doesn’t matter how long it takes. It may take 6 months, 1, 5 years or more.
It is for that reason, I have said affiliate/marketing is not for desperate people. Everything in life takes time to bear fruits

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