Learn To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing

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Owner: Robert Clark

Price: $2.99

Rating: 4.9/5

For who: Beginners

Overall view

The book author is Robert Clark, Affiliate Marketing. Learn To Make Money With Affiliate Marketing, Step – By – Step Guide. Its available at  Amazon Kindle Books since March 2016. It has 4.9/5 rating, It costs $2.99. It has 114 pages with the following chapters;

  • Whats affiliate marketing
  • Why affiliate marketing
  • Do businesses use affiliate marketing
  • Top ten marketing networks
  • Secret formula for affiliate marketing success
  • Niche research
  • Product research
  • Squeeze page setup
  • Autoresponder setup
  • Advertising
  • Getting traffic

The purpose of the book is to teach beginner affiliate marketers step by step guide, on how to setup affiliate marketing project. Its designed for newbies. Those who have little information about the industry. The chapters provide basic information as to how you can start an affiliate marketing project. Its mostly recommended for those who aspire to enter the internet marketing world. Its reasonably priced, $2.99.

If you want to grasp affiliate marketing background, the book will assist you to gain that basic.


Although the book is suitable piece of material but it has some shortcomings. Not all information regarding affiliate marketing is included. Learning about the subject will not make you an expert in the field. More learning is required. The book provides learning information about the industry. Other similar information which is not contained in it includes;

  • Creating a website
  • Building site content
  • Email marketing
  • Pay Per Click marketing
  • social media marketing

The above areas of affiliate marketing are not all inclusive, I highlighted them for to further understand. More research is required, in order to get detailed information.

Final Thought

Information gathering is a good idea, part of the research undertaking. The affiliate marketing industry is huge money making market. Others are dominating the industry as we speak. However, if you want to learn how it works, you need to approach it with caution. Making money in business is a very challenging task. It comes with a lot of difficulties.

One of the serious difficulty is to find a reputable school or platform to learn. Every person claim to have detailed knowledge about the subject, yet least they know about it.The incorrect method of approaching the subject is, “making money thing”. Any business project’s aim is to make money, however, before you can make any penny, you need to invest in such project. Project investment involves, time, hard working, patience, dedication, interest, initial capital. Luckily the industry doesn’t require employees. So, you as a newbie need not worry about hiring staff. You are the employee & manager at the same time.

I have alluded above that this is a business project, it requires your undivided attention. Its like an offline business initiative. It requires a correct mindset, a mindset to succeed. Your approach must be build a full time or part time business. MAKING MONEY is like a business output, its the last piece of the puzzle.

Making money with affiliate marketing its easy, but the reality lies in the practical aspect of it.



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