Is anyone actually making a living from Affiliate Marketing?

Does anyone out there make money from Affiliate marketing?
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I don’t have a straight answer to this question, but from my experience, there’re people making a living with affiliate marketing business. Others will disagree with me. Those who disagree will contend that they have tried every method but they remain unsuccessful.

You’ve made a right decision by joining affiliate marketing and trying to make money online. But you must remember it is not a get rich quick scheme whereby you join a program and make money without doing anything. You can join as many affiliate network and promote thousands of products, but you will end up getting nothing out of it. That’s a reality here.

Why people fail in affiliate marketing?

People fail to make money with affiliate marketing everyday. There are almost 3 billion internet users in this planet. We also have million people looking for money making opportunities in this industry. One of the myth about it is that you can start today and money will start rolling in the following day.

In need to tell you affiliate marketing is a business like all other business project you will find offline. Some decades ago this was an unpopular business opportunity, no one wished to spend his/her precious time on doing it. It all started when people make huge profit out of it. They simply change the game and started convincing people that they can assist them to get rich. An affiliate marketing RUSH then began. The results was a complete failure to make money ever

Are there people making money with it?

Yes, they are, they do so everyday. If that is so, why the majority fail to achieve such results? I need to tell you, making money is generally a challenging task. It doesn’t matter how and what type of business model you follow. Those people who make money will generally tell you that, it’s an easy task. But what they won’t tell you is the method or system they employ to achieve such results.

But, what kind of system/method is the best?

They system/method depends on each every affiliate marketer. There’s no straight and simple system to achieve results. They differ from one affiliate marketer to the other. Firstly, you need to test every system to promote products online. It should be a system that YOU develop and apply. It’s all about testing and testing until you find a progressive one.

Let’s take for example email marketing method. There are dozens of them online. Which one is best will depend entirely on how you apply them. Copying and pasting any email marketing method with a hope to achieve results will be like shooting every where hoping you will hit the desired target.

Every affiliate marketer is looking for buyers to buy his/her product. Finding people to love and buy from you is one of the most difficult task ever. You and me may join Amazon Associate, find product and promote them using email marketing method. You will find that I successfully promote products and get huge commission, whereas you follow the same method but achieve no commission. This is the affiliate marketing challenge, you will come across here.

Final thought

People do make a living with affiliate marketing business, that’s a fact but the method employed to achieve the same is a complex task. A task that you must be prepared to learn and apply. It can take weeks, months or years.



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