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How Many People live on Earth

According to United Nations population census, there are about 7.5 billion people on earth. Global population has needs like water, food, clothing, accommodation, health care, education, travel, shopping etc.

How many people search the internet globally

It is estimated that 3.7 billion searches internet in 2021, and the number is increasing to such an extent that in 2025, they will be 4 billion people searching the web.

How much people spend online







In 2012 B2C e- commerce spending amounted to 1 trillion. It is estimated that in 2018, the said spending will amount to $2.3 trillion.

  1. China has the largest spending with $980 billion, followed by
  2. USA – $600 billion
  3. United Kingdom and Europe – $590 billion
  4. At the bottom of the e-commerce spending graph is Russia – $23 billion


Why do people search internet network?








They do so find any information to solve their daily needs. People needs differs from one person to the other, the following are generic personal needs;

  • Need to make money (affiliate marketing, residual income, starting online business)
  • Need to loose weight
  • Need to travel (Credit cards, MasterCard’s, travelling vouchers)
  • Need to look smart (clothing, fragrance, etc.)
  • Need to sell products/services (Amazon, Walmart, linkshare)
  • Need to market goods (email, social media, PPC marketing, blogging)
  • Need to purchase/hire new/old goods and services
  • Need to find employment
  • Need to share personal knowledge, information and skills (blogging)
  • Need to learn about political, social, economic, technological developments (elections, global wars, Wall street, Forex Trading)
  • Need to get current world affairs
  • Need to acquire primary/higher education
  • Need to research for any topic
  • Need to learn what other people are doing globally
  • Need to find an intimate partner (dating services)
  • Need to build social relationships (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram etc.
  • Need for entertainment ( YouTube, Online video’s, mp3/4, music download)
  • Need for accommodation (hotels, bed & breakfast, restaurant)
  • Etc., etc., etc.

Starting online business







Starting an online business it’s an opportunity that can’t be missed. It doesn’t matter whether you want to start on part or full time basis. It all depends on the time and initial capital you have.

This kind of business opportunity is for everyone. You don’t need to possess entrepreneurial skills to do it. A computer/laptop and internet connection is sufficient for you to start. If you have never thought of doing business before, now is the time.

I need to warn you, any project comes with its own unique challenges. Don’t be scarred challenges are part of life, nothing comes easy. You just need to work hard, have interest and passion as well as commitment to succeed.

Interest and passion








These are not buzz words; every person has passion and interest about something. During the above discussion I have given you with an idea of what people are searching for online. You must then identify what’s you interest and passion is all about.

Please don’t follow the crowd, check your inner self, search for something attractive to you. Then build a business model around it. By simply copying other people’s “likes” is a wrong way of doing things. Don’t be impressed by other people’s achievements but choose your own path and stick to it.

Build a website







This is the only avenue to make your presence known online. An internet is an organization of billion websites. It’s your storefront, it doesn’t matter whether it’s attractive, or professionally built. WordPress. Com has made this task easy for you. You can build a dummy site within minutes, and make it live at no time

People tend to believe that they need specific skills to create it. They are wrong just building a site should not be an obstacle. You have all the time to try and test things around the web

All of us were once newbies on anything, but as time progresses you learn old and new things. In order to win athletic gold medal, you need first to crawl, learn to walk, run and compete in Olympic games. The same process happens here online.

Build website content

I have mentioned that just an ordinary site is sufficient, now is the time to work on that dummy site. You need to build site content. You must start putting stuff on your site. People have needs to satisfy, thus they search for website full of information. Google and other search engines give more weight to networks full of content

Building site content takes time. At least one or two years of content building


Attract traffic







While you are in a process of building content, visitors keep coming. Any visitor may come and go, it depends what each visitor is looking for. A quick method to generate traffic is Pay Per Click offered by It’s an expensive method but it has huge potential of attracting large quality traffic

The PPC method is not the only traffic attracting method, email, article writing methods are also capable of bringing traffic to your site

Promote your business on social media






This is another method of making your site popular online. I’m sure you have learned about Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest,, and These are large social media houses. You can subscribe and market your business site there. It allows you to promote your business


Content management

This is one of most crucial task any site owner should perform. Building and promoting your site is not enough. You should continuously management your site content. This is not a once off event, it’s a process. You as an online business person have a continuous task ahead, i.e. managing every aspect of your site. You must also search what other site owners are doing; this is called benchmarking and networking in the business language.

Final thought





I have said there’re 7.3 billion on earth. This people have their own general and individual needs. According to statistics, there are about 3.8 billion internet users, they spend almost $1 trillion online purchasing goods and services.

You don’t need business skills to start online business project, just get a computer/laptop and internet connection and get started. Building a lifelong online business is not a rocket science, other people are doing it as we speak, no specific business skills required

All you need is passion and interest as well as hard working, dedication and commitment to win













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