How To Turn Your Computer Into A Money Making Machine

Website: Amazon Kindle Book

Owner: Avery Breyer

Price: $2.99

Rating: 4.5/5

For who: Beginners




Overall view

This is a book by Avery Breyer, Turn Your Computer Into Money Making Machine. The book was published in Amazon, November 2015. It has 4.5/5 rating, It costs $2.99. It has 81 pages. The author tries to show buyers how they can turn their computer/laptop or other devices into money making instrument. It contains the following chapters;

  • Introduction
  • How to turn your computer money making machine
  • 6 reason how you will love this method
  • Insider secret that you’have got to understand
  •  Pitfalls
  • How to impress your customers to keep coming back
  • Setting up business within a week

The book is a suitable material for those who aspire to make money online. I’m sure you’re interested in making additional income for your self & family. The book tries to guide you through a process of making the money a reality. Basically the book’s aim is to give you an insight into how to use your computer gadget as income generating tool.


Setting up a business to make money requires stock, employees, trading hours, location, initial capital etc. But starting business online only requires a computer or laptop. It doesn’t end up there, you need to prepare yourself for hard working. Customers don’t just come, dump money in your bank account & leave. You need to offer them something valuable, i.e. solving their needs. The book doesn’t cover the detailed step by step of building successful business. It only tells that you can change your computer into money making platform. That is possible, but you need to work hard to generate money online.

Final Thought

Everyone of us need to make money in our life time. The computer, with internet connection has made it possible for you & me to generate income in the comfort of our homes. This kind of project has been one of the sought after this days. It has opened us huge money making opportunities. The book seeks to provide background insight into this journey.

The author has written this book for beginners to understand that there’re money making opportunities you can pursue using your computer/laptop or similar device. However, making money online/offline is not as easy as you think. Indeed having a computer gadget, is the first step, but pursuing money making dream is a challenging task.

Your computer is a device/tool to use, building wealth for yourself. It’s a tool that you must utilize to make fortunes for yourself. However, its not going to make money for you. You must use it to make money. Your computer is a tool like all other tools. But the person, who will make it assist, is you. Making money is your responsibility not a tool. If you use your computer productively, you will indeed produce good results, Not the other way round.

This book seeks to provide you with insight of how you can utilize your existing computer to generate income for your self.



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