How To Start Affiliate Marketing Business Without Money

Website: Amazon Kindle Book

Owner: Sean Levis

Price: $12.99

Rating: 1/5

For who: Beginners


Overall view

This Kindle Book was written by Sean Levis, Affiliate Marketing: How to Start an Affiliate Marketing Business Even Without Money. It was published at Amazon. It doesn’t have good rating at this moment, since its new publication. The purpose of the author is to bring to the attention of affiliate marketing newbies how they can start affiliate marketing business without much capital investment. The book has the following areas of discussion;


  • Finding good keywords
  • Searching for products to promote
  • Website creation
  • Writing product reviews
  • Ranking on

These are the areas the author attempts to show newbies, how to start affiliate marketing business. It’s earmarked for those new in this industry. It provides information about how one can easily pursue money making opportunities. For those who don’t have affiliate marketing background will be benefit from the book content. Indeed starting this journey doesn’t require any huge capital. All what a beginner requires its a computer & internet connection. If you have two of these systems, you can simply start right away. 


Although the book is suitable & appropriate learning material for newbies, but it has some bit of drawbacks. With regard to finding good keywords, its a little bit difficult, you need a system which can assist you to find the same.

Getting highly ranked in google is also a big challenge on the part of you as a beginner affiliate marketer. You’ll be faced with a stiff competition. Finding good keywords are not for beginners, because, even advanced affiliate marketers are battling in this area. Searching for products to promote is much easier, but the difficult part of it, is to promote them, causing people to buy. 

Writing product reviews also come with their own challenges. You need to know which products to review, how to review products online. However, creating a website it’s easy, WordPress. org has made this area very simple & easy to create one.

Final thought


Getting basic affiliate marketing information is not a bad decision. It empowers you with  information to start your own part time or full time business here online. Areas such as keywords, website creation, promoting & reviewing products are some of the activities daily performed by majority of advanced affiliate marketers.

The book simple provide basic information about the subject without detailed instructions of how to go about applying such in order to generate money for yourself.

Although money is not an essential requirement, but some little bit of cash is needed to, register & host website domain. However, in the long run, money definitely will be needed, i.e. to market your site on social media business platform, creating autoresponder account for purposes of email marketing. It cannot be said that, one doesn’t absolutely need money to set up affiliate marketing business. You, as a beginner need to be prepared to invest some money in order to progress in this industry. In a business environment, investing money is required in order for it to start off the ground.  The author is a bit polite when she says cash is not an absolute requirement. At some stage starting an affiliate marketing business requires some cash injection



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