How To Make $1 000 Per Day On Amazon

Website: Amazon Kindle Book


Price: $9.97

Owners: Bradford Sullivan

Overall Rank: 3 out of 5

For Who: Beginners


Book Overview

The book was written and published by Bradford Sullivan at It contains 206 pages and was fairly rated by over 516 customers. It’s organized into the following topics;

  • Amazon business
  • About the author
  • Misconceptions about making money
  • Meaning about selling at Amazon
  • Finding products to sell
  • Private Label Products
  • Different methods to sell at Amazon
  • Amazon payments
  • The secret to success
  • Etc

The Good

The book is earmarked for those who want to focus on selling Amazon products. For your information Amazon has more than 500 million products in it’s market place. Thus affiliates have huge inventory to sell.

The purpose of the book is to give YOU background information regarding selling on Amazon. Furthermore, it’s has been revised many times by the author in order to give updated information regarding the subject under discussion.

There may be many written material about Amazon, but .Bradford Sullivan has been the legend in writing books about Amazon money making opportunities. You can download it, but if you feel not satisfied, you can ask for refund 

The Bad

Although the book is a valuable piece of material, but making $1 000 per day selling stuff at Amazon is an overstatement. I can’t agree more when he says you can become a millionaire selling Amazon stuff. To generate money through selling things on Amazon, it’s challenge on it’s own

From my own research findings very few affiliates make millions on Amazon. Don’t get me wrong, there’re people who make a lot of money there, but they’re just handful of them

A friend of mine has made $168 000 in affiliate commission fees, but, guess how much he spend to generate in marketing fees, He spent $69 000. The marketing method he used was Pay Per Click marketing (PPC). 

Final thought

It is not in dispute that any affiliate marketer can make money selling Amazon products. The author himself has generated huge income by publishing similar books. However, if you want to make $1 000 per day online, you should be prepared to spend money in that marketplace.

There’re thousands of software, books about Amazon. I’m not sure whether these materials do assist  buyers to make money. The reality is that selling Amazon stuff will definitely assist you to accumulate affiliate commission

In order for you to succeed, you need to learn how to sell things online. Just by reading books will not enable you to achieve your target. Amazon pays millions of dollars in affiliate commission fees to affiliates. It’s easy to join, but the difficult part of it is to convince buyers to buy  

I’m not trying to scare you, but you need more than the book to generate $1 000 per day. To generate such an amount is very challenging tasks. Getting information about making money on Amazon may be a good idea, but the biggest challenge is how to implement what you’have learn on that book material.

My suggestion to you, is to find practical training on how to sell goods online. You need an in depth knowledge about affiliate marketing. 


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