How To Choose A Correct Internet Marketing Direction

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Now that you have decided to join internet marketing industry, you need to follow a certain direction. The first step is to choose a niche. Most people think that joining this industry is like joining money making scheme. Its not, you need to decide what you plan to do, going forward. Thus learn how to choose internet marketing direction correctly. Below is the discussion about niches as correct internet marketing direction. 

What’s a niche

A niche is not a “Ninja”, or a tool/system to make money. In a nutshell is a certain component of a business market. In this industry it is an “audience”. You need to choose an audience. What’s an audience in anyway. An audience here is a group of people looking for something online. The Internet has billion users. People search online for products/services in order to address their daily needs. Do you know what people are looking for online. Most newbie internet marketers do not have an idea what people are doing online. The moment you get knowledge of what people are doing online, you will thus be in a position to know what they are looking for. It then becomes easy to develop a niche 

Money making niche

People online are searching for many things to solve their daily needs, that’s where you come in. You want to deliver to people what they are searching for. Other internet marketers have identified what people are searching for, they have developed niches out of it. They’re promoting products which people are looking for. There’s a competition involved, if you want to promote the same then be prepared for fierce competition. Example is “money making niche” everyone online wants to make money. There’are million money making products. People are scared to buy these items because they turn out to be illegitimate. They label them as SCAMS

There’s nothing wrong in pursuing money making niche, provided you want to do it the right way. Making money online is not a wrong thing, all of us in life want to make money. But, first thing you need to know; is that any business goal is to generate income. This is a secondary aspect of any business entity. The primary aim is to provide a solution to the needs of society. You need to sell something that will enhance/better people’s life. In that way, money will come rolling.

Choosing a niche, whats your interest

Before choosing a niche, ask yourself what interests you, what’s your passion. If you  choose something that doesn’t interest you, then you’re planning to fail. How will you tell people to buy something you don’t like or have no interest in it. Determine your interest & match it with what people are looking for. Even though few people are searching for your niche interest, the internet has huge audience (billions). There are million searches everyday online, searching for different things. These daily searches put you in a better position to develop many niches. Let me give an example:

  • Dog training
  • Dog training courses/tutorials
  • Dog winter protective clothes
  • Sniffer dog training for security companies
  • German Shepherd dog training
  • Pitt bull dog  sniffer dog training
  • Dog training accessories/equipment
  •  Stray dog auction in California
  • Sick dog medical treatment
  • Sick dog medical clinic

If you look at all the above niches, there are people online searching for these niches. You can develop your own niche, look at the following

  • Samsung cellphone
  • Samsung cellphone batteries
  • Samsung cellphone screen covers
  • Samsung cellphone accessories
  • Samsung cellphone chargers
  • Samsung cellphone car chargers
  • Etc

Final thought

I told you about what a niche is all about, money making niches, how to come up with your own niche and niche examples. This is the first step in choosing correct  internet marketing direction. It’s a process not a once off event. If you want to pursue a career in this industry you need construct a firm foundation.



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