How difficult is it for a non-native English speaker to be successful in Affiliate marketing?

How difficult is it for a non-native English speaker to be successful in Affiliate marketing”?

This question was asked by a beginner affiliate marketer, who was disturbed by the following comment on his site”

“I see that you are a non-native whose mother tongue is not English but I think you should find someone whose first language is English, have them proof your writing before publishing it. I did find some words to be a stumbling block for people who might not be as educated as you clearly are. Is there another word that could take the place of ‘prolific’ that comes in the first paragraph of your post?”

The newbie affiliate marketer was a bit disturbed by this comment. He wanted my assistance to respond to his site comment. 

Firstly I need to rest assure all newbies that, there’s no need for you to have English as your first language to be able to interact with others online. 

You may be disturbed by some site visitors, whose first language is English, However, English is not my first language but I learned it at school. My site has more than 1 000 visitors. Most importantly half of them are English speaking. 

What makes them like my site is nothing else, but CONTENT. If you can write good quality content, people will visit and stay on your site. Furthermore, when site visitors, visit your site, they are not too much interested in your so called GOOD ENGLISH LANGUAGE. Not that you must write bad English, but the point I’m trying to make is that, when engaging with people online through your website, you must communicate in simple English language. The English Dictionary may assist you in that regard  

What’s the purpose of a language?

The purpose of any language, English included, is to convey information to the recipient. There’re many languages online, but English is one of the language, one may regard as official communication tool. You don’t need to be highly fluent in English in order to be heard. 

At least 70% of us online have learned English language at school. In case you’have forgotten some English words or phrases, you must purchase English books to sharpen your reading and writing skills.

With regard to affiliate marketing, people online are searching for solutions to their problems not how fluent, you can write the language. Basically, they’re not looking for English speakers, but they’re searching for products to address their daily needs.

Final thought  

The above comment, “How difficult is it for a non-native English speaker to be successful in Affiliate marketing”? doesn’t make any business sense. Affiliate marketers are not here to impress people about any language, but to assist buyers to find solutions to their problems

In case, you want to improve your English reading and writing skills, you must search for books and other materials online. Whether, you will be successful in this industry or not doesn’t hinges on how fluent you can speak English

To be successful here you need to learn how to search what people are looking for online. Find, and show them how their problems can be addressed. Please don’t forget to write simple and easy to read articles or pages. Some English speaking people are understanding and caring to those who are non-English speakers


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