The most frequent questions people ask me:

Asking questions is normal and I don’t mind helping other people out. I have put together a list of the top questions I get with my answers…it can be hard on the typing fingers writing the same thing over and over! Your main questions are likely answered below..

Question: What is Internet Marketing?

Answer: Internet marketing is the process of selling a product online and earning a commission when doing so. At the most raw form, Internet marketing involves using the Internet to deliver a product to an audience looking for something. In most cases, people perform a search in a Search Engine like Google.com.

An Internet marketer can then deliver content in the search results to these people and help them find what they are looking for. If a purchase is made through a link that you own, a commission is earned. The free getting started course offered on this website will teach you exactly how to get started for free!

Question: Can anyone make money on the Internet?

Answer: Yes, yes, YES! Can you tell I am excited. The reason for this is that I know you have what it takes to succeed online. You don’t have to be technical, you don’t need a marketing degree, and you don’t know to be all that smart (you are likely smarter than some of the most successful marketers online). Think about this…

If you spent as much time as you did in your day job working on your Internet business, you would be wildly successful! If you are willing to work hard and set a few goals for yourself, you will be surprised as to what you can achieve online.

Question: Can I make money with affiliate marketing?

Answer: I just want to give an honest answer. You can’t make money with affiliate marketing, but you can make a lot of money if you setup an affiliate marketing business. No one has ever make money without a business entity. Before you can think of making money, you must establish a business. Your business you setup is a ticket to wealth creation.

Question: Can affiliate marketing makes me quit my day job?

Answer: Not now, you can do it on part time basis. When you’re satisfied that it generates more income than your day job, surely you can quit and make it full time employment. Affiliate marketing is like all other offline business entities. It starts small, but when you give if full attention, it has great income potential.

Question: How much initial capital do I need to start affiliate marketing?

Answer: You only need money to register a domain name & hosting fees. $10 for domain name registration & another $10/year hosting fees. This is an initial capital to start. Over time you will be required to engage in email marketing & finally PPC. For EMAIL, registration  fee to create an email list costs $19/pm. But for PPC it’s unknown and expensive because Google needs at $50 to start, once it’s exhausted you must top up your account.

Question: I don’t have time, Can I ask someone to run affiliate marketing business for me?

Answer: From my experience, You need to make time, setup, manage your own business. Don’t rely on others to do work for you. You’ll end up loosing a lot of money in the process.

Question: I have full time job, how is it possible to do other things?

Answer: Your spare time is the most precious time of your life. If you dedicate a portion of it, at least 3 hrs everyday to setup your part time business. You will end up leaving your full time job in few years from now.

Question: How much money can I make with my website?

Answer: It depends what you are promoting, and whether what you promote people have interest in it. Or whether what you’re selling does solve your customer problems. You can make $1000, $2000, or NOTHING. It all depends on the number of people buying your stuff (sales)

Question: I don’t have any product to sell. Is that OK?

Answer: I don’t own any products either. Instead I work as an affiliate marketer.

As an “affiliate marketer” you promote other people’s products and services in exchange for a kick-back in commissions. When you earn a sale for the company, you earn money. These companies give you special “affiliate links” that track your visitors and automatically give you a commission if your visitor buys something.

There are affiliate networks like Clickbank out there that pay 75% on most of the products, so if you sell something that is $40, you get a $30 cut. Pretty cool right?

There are 10,000’s of affiliate programs out there in every imaginable industry. There are even affiliate programs for selling rocks!

Affiliate commissions add up very quickly when you understand that you only need to get 4-5 customers out of a billion people online each day to buy something through your link. If an average sale is around $35, you can see that without a ton of work you will be making $175 extra/day..30 days per month.

The reason I recommend training services like Wealthy Affiliate is that they give you access to all these affiliate programs and train you exactly how to promote them. Having the right training will truly JUMP START your path to success. They show you techniques how to access well over 100,000 programs online…you can essentially promote anything you want as an affiliate. I promote music because I love music and am really interested in it. You can do the same with whatever you are interested it.

Q: Can you guarantee that I will be successful? If not, what can I do to improve my chances?

Answer: No, I cannot guarantee anything. It is like me saying, can I guarantee you will work hard at something. Unfortunately I can’t, but what I can tell you is that if you work at this and treat it like a business, you will become successful. People do fail all the time within the business world and it is those who continue pushing forward after failure that are successful.

The Internet has opened doors for everyone. You have the same opportunity as me, and we all have the same opportunity as larger companies out there. Everyone is on an even playing field and there has never been a better time to start. Average people like you and I can make $10,000’s every month without even having a product that we own!

Question: Some affiliate marketers are displaying screenshots of huge commission paychecks they received, It’s tempting,  can I learn something from them?

Answer: This is the oldest marketing method people use to attract unsuspecting people to follow them. Facebook, Pinterest, Google, etc make billion dollars every year. It’s not a secret, such information is easily available. What they won’t tell you is the HOW PART OF IT. Meaning the detailed methods  they use to achieve such amounts cannot be disclosed to anyone. If you want to follow successful people, I suggest you learn detailed methods they use to become successful not END RESULTS. I had never seen a personal bank statement of any affiliate marketer with deposit transaction of commission amounts.

Question: I need help setting up a website, can you help?

Answer: Setting up your own website gives you a piece of mind. It enables you to communicate effectively with your customers & easily promote your business.

1 – Join WealthyAffiliate.com and get Hosting included for FREE (and you get a pre-built website)


Q: Clickbank does not accept people from my country…are there any alternatives?

Answer: That is fine. There are some countries that Clickbank does not allow and they have their own reasons for this. But there is good news…there are 1,000’s of other affiliate programs that you can promote that WILL accept your country. Here are some of the top affiliate networks online. Try these!


You can also do a targeted search in Google for affiliate programs. Type in “industry + affiliate program”. Replace industry with the type of programs you are looking for…for example, this could be “dieting + affiliate programs”. You will get lots of results this way as well.

Question: I have created an affiliate account at Clickbank, it’s now cancelled, must I asked them why?

Answer: You can contact their support section to find out why, but it’s unnecessary, you can submit your application to other networks. There’re thousands affiliate program online. Don’t allow yourself to be stuck in one place.

Question: Is Affiliate marketing similar to MLM?

Answer: definitely not. Multi Level Marketing focuses on creating a network of people selling stuff on your behalf. Your success depends on number of people actively promoting it under your network. What if they stop, your network simply crumbles. Affiliate marketing success depends on you own effort, patience & you dedication. It’s business on its own.

Question: Affiliate marketing has gained BAD reputation, it’s labelled a Scam?

Answer: I know your frustration. It’s not. The only thing that makes it look like a scam, is the unscrupulous affiliate marketers who promise people that they can make thousands of dollars with little effort from their side. They then lure people to join the industry in order to be rich. Its not a money making machine. It’s business like all others. Prepare yourself for a long journey. Rewards are huge if you’re serious about it.

Question: Some internet marketing Gurus say, I don’t need a website to get started?

Answer: It’s true entering affiliate marketing industry doesn’t require one to build a site. However, If you’re serious about building business around this industry, you need website. People don’t buy from strangers, they buy from trusted, reputable people. If you want people to trust you, you definitely need a platform where they will feel safe to spend their hard earned cash. A website of your own will do just that.

Question: I have build a website, but people don’t visit my site? 

Answer: You must learn how to drive targeted traffic to your site

Question: But someone promised me to drive targeted traffic to my site, if I pay certain amount of money?

Answer: The only person who can drive targeted, quality traffic to your site is YOU. Those who promise to drive traffic to your site are the kind of people who have traffic driving software, such traffic are all useless traffic. Keep away.

Question: Some people talk about paid surveys as quick method of making money

Answer: People tend to have misunderstanding about completing paid surveys. Paid surveys won’t make you money. Why. I will tell, completing surveys have been with us for many years. Their  primary purpose was & still a method used by companies and research organizations to get an opinion from participants about certain products/services or other information. Matching money making & completing surveys is the work of certain people here online. These folks have setup survey sites. They invite you to join by paying a certain fee in order to complete company’s survey forms. After joining you will be given thousands surveys to complete & promised a commission for your effort. Commission amounts  ranges from $0.01 – $0.10. Save your time and hard work, learn to start a genuine internet marketing business

Question: Starting a business is for business people, I don’t have business skills?

Answer: Setting a business is for everyone not business minded people only. Being a plumber, mechanic, freelancing, selling products don’t need business skills. You simply decide what you are passionate about, work on it. You would have started a business journey.

Question: People talk about profitable product to sell, where to find them?

Answer: I’m not sure what they mean by profitable. Every product is profitable, However it all depends how you promote it. If you successfully promote a product that gives $4 commission, your next task is to ensure that, you get 500 or more buyers for it, which is possible to do. But if that’s too much for you, you can consider selling a product with $50 commission. In that situation you need to spend a lot of advertising budget to generate 500 buyers.

Every affiliate program has many so-called profitable product to sell, a practical example is to join car affiliate program & start marketing  their different car models/makes.

Question: Can I learn affiliate marketing with video’s

Answer: Yes, you can, but most of the video materials contain only voice content. They lack step by step visual tutorials to guide you through. It doesn’t provide one-on-one support. I suggest you join membership site to learn more details about affiliate marketing & additional support if you get stuck.

Question: I want to learn affiliate marketing, can you suggest the best affiliate marketing training sites or coach?

Answer: I can’t give you a straight answer on that, but there’re thousands sites online, with different membership plans, Any training site or coach must provide the following training;

  • What’s affiliate marketing
  • Registering domain & hosting
  • Building a website
  • choosing a niche
  • How to manage your site functionality
  • Creating content for your website
  • Affiliate/internet marketing methods
  • Striving for affiliate marketing success

Question: If I start affiliate marketing business & fail to make money, must I quit or choose another money making method?

Answer: Failure is not an option. While you were at school, how many times did you fail to pass any school test?, I guess many times, that’s why you are here. Success is not sprint, it’s a marathon. Success doesn’t happen on accident. It requires patience, correct mindset to succeed, determination, hard work etc.You must develop these attributes. Live with them. You will succeed.


Internet/Affiliate Marketing terminology

A method of selling products or services for a company in return for a specific fee (commission). Walmart, Amazon, Alibaba.com, Ebay.

Question: What’s affiliate?

Answer: In offline world is an agent, third party representing certain business or company interest. In online world its someone representing affiliate networks, i.e Amazon, Commission Junction, Clickbank

Question: What’s affiliate link?

Answer: It’s an affiliate identification code/link an affiliate receives when he/she joins a site for purposes of promoting merchant’s products/services. Each affiliate is provided with his/her own identification code by a merchant

What’s an Affiliate programs/network?

Answer: Companies online normally invites/allows you to advertise or market their products in return for giving you a specific amount for that e.g. Amazon, Ebay, Commission Junction, Clickbank etc.

What’s an article and article marketing?

Answer: Article is a combination of headlines, sentences and paragraphs that appears online or magazine. A story which appears in the magazine, or online. Whereas, article marketing is a method used to promote products/services online by writing articles

What’s Article Spinner?

Answer: It’s a software used by Article writers, not all of them, to rewrite articles/blogs. It enables you to write one article/blog, the software will then produce synonym of all words in your article, i.e. it creates a second article. 

What’s Article Submitter

Answer: It’s a software used by article writers, not all of them, to submit one article to different article directories. This software enables you to submit one article at once to different places. In order for your article/blog to reach as many readers as possible you must manually submit it to a number of article directories. The software then enables you  to perform this task only once.

What’s an Author  Resource/Bio Box?

Answer: It’s a short description about the author & his/her business, including business URL, at the end of an article. It’s a section in the end of an article writing template designed by article directories. A link to your site is not allowed when writing an article, thus Bio Box is designed for purposes of call-to-action link.

What’s Authority Site?

Answer: Its relative strength of website which enables it to stand out from other sites in a search engine platform

What’s Banner?

It’s a site or product/service image or photo. It comes in different sizes site

What’s Black Hat or White Hat? 

Black Hat

It’s a tactic or technique by search engine optimization marketers or any internet marketer to force the search engine to give his/her site high ranking position. Example, include high keyword stuffing, invisible text, doorway pages etc. This type of action goes against search engine guidelines. Google penalizes this kind of action 

White Hat 

Is opposite of the above. It’s correct method of search engine optimization which is compliant with search engine guidelines 

What’s a blog or Blogging?

Is just a simple website you create for the purpose of interacting with people online, assisting and advising online users.

What’s Guest Blogging? 

It’s a method used by blogger or site owner to legally obtain backlinks to his/her site. He/she subscribe to guest blogging site in order to submit his/her blog posts for members to read and possibly visit the blogger’s site

What’s a Bonus?

It’s a free product or software given to a buyer as token of appreciation after he/she purchased something

What’s conversion tracking?

It’s a code generated & placed in a website by site owner to track visitor’s activity on the site

What’s a click?

An activity performed by web user online to search for information

What’s a Call – to – action? 

It’s a phrase or link placed anywhere within a post/page/article, compelling the visitor to take action.

What’s Conversion Rate?

The total number of visitors/clicks to your ad against the total number of visitors who buy something after visiting your site. (number of clicks) x (number of sales/buyers) divide by( 100%)

What’s a cookie? 

It’s filed stored in your computer/laptop after you visited a certain site. It tracks your behavior on site, whether you download, purchased anything

What’s affiliate cookie or affiliate ID? 

When you join any affiliate program, they generate an affiliate link for you, to use, to market their products. When a visitor clicks your link, an affiliate cookie/affiliate ID is created. It enables the merchant to identify which affiliate link drove the visitor to their site, which enables them to determine who qualifies get commission. Some affiliate cookies lasts for 1, 30 days, 3 months, 1 year or lifetime. 

What’s disclaimer? 

It’s a statement/policy, normally a warning to any person reading the statement,  that the statement maker will not be held responsible if such person uses/applies the said statement to his/her detriment.

What’s a Forum?

It’s a platform where forum membership share internet marketing information among one another

What’s a Hacker? or hacking?

Someone or software used to steal site information for illegal purposes

What is a Home Page?

It’s a front/main page of the website like a landing page or similar to it

What’s an Internet/Affiliate marketing GURU? 

These are self-proclaimed internet/affiliate marketing experts. Not all of them are like that. Some are genuine, skilled or seasoned internet marketers, but they don’t label themselves as such

Where can I find genuine, highly skilled internet marketers?  

You will find them online. Search on Google for your specific need, e.g. Search engine optimization(SEO), email marketing, PPC, Social Media Management sites. Go through at least 10 sites, analyze their services before taking a decision to join them.

What’s internal link

It’s a link within a site which takes you to other components, within the same website

What’s inbound link/backlink?

A link coming from another site to your site. It was a method/techniques used by webtraffic marketers to improve site ranking. It’s no longer an effective method to generate traffic.

What’s a broken link/dead link? 

It’s a link on a web page that takes the visitor to nowhere or takes you to a URL which is has been deleted/changes or removed. It’s link when clicked gives “404 not found message”

What are login credentials?

Your website login information (login name & password)

What’s Marketplace?

It’s a page/main category where products/services are displayed in  a website.

What’s a Merchant and merchant website?

Any company selling products online, allowing internet users to sell those products/services on its behalf

Merchant website.

 A website for the Merchant above

What’s a Niche

It is a subcategory of the main category, example low income earners, niche then, low income earners in California, low income earners who retired, low income earners for pension payment, low taxi income earners, low bus income earners, low mechanic income earners etc

What’s market research? 

Its a search for information regarding specific niche, which include, buyers age, sex, location, type of products people buy, buyers purchasing habits, interests etc.

What’s, MMO? 

Answer: It simply means Money, Making, Online, It’s a a general term used by affiliate marketers to generate money online

What’s difference between customer, buyer, visitor?

A customer/buyer is someone who has purchased product/service. A visitor is someone who visits you site once or many times, it can be a regular customer/buyer

What’s a freelancer?

It’s a person who writes articles, blog posts or designing/provides any online services. He/she advertises himself/herself online for any customer who needs such work to be done for him/her. Fiverr.com is where such people can be found if you need them. They charge a minimum of $5 per service

What’s leveraging?

It’s an activity/action by the site owner to maximize his advantage

What’s a landing pages

A first page of a website. It’s what visitors first encounter when they arrive at your website. It’s like a front page of a magazine or newspaper

What’s  Menu

Properties in a website that enables the user to easily navigate  around the site

What’s MLM?

An Acronym for Multi-Level-Marketing. It’s a marketing method used by Merchant to allow one person to sell their product and recruit others to do the same, the main agent will recruit sub agents who further recruit others. The main aim is to build a large network of agents to promote company products.

What’s monetizing?

It’s an action by site owner to sell products/services on site in order to generate money or income

What’s network

A platform, place or location online

What’s Publishing?

It’s a process of producing ebook or any written material online. it can be simply described as production of written material for consumption by readers

What’s Product review

A description of the product by a third person, who knows the product or who purchased it, his/her views about the good and the bad about the product or services

What’s a review?

To give an honest, unbiased opinion about a product/service

What’s ROI

Stands for Return On Investment, it’s a measuring tool used by advertisers to determine amount spent on advertising versus the amount of profit generated. In offline world of business, it refers to amount of expenditure vs amount of return (expenditure vs income)

What’s site branding?

It’s a process designing/redesigning a site so that it looks complete different from others in terms of product or services

What’s Plagiarism?

It’s an act by any person to use another person’s work, art, creative material, symbol & logo etc without acknowledging the source of such work. All work, material must be acknowledged when used for any purpose.

What’s online business?

A business you setup in the internet where you market, sell, display products, services. You can start a business offline and display online

What does term SCAM mean.

Dishonest, unlawful means, example “invest $100 and get $10 000 without doing anything we will do everything for you.” something that is too good to be true



How do I protect myself from scams? 

Avoid someone or sites promising you to make a decent living without doing anything. Be prepared to spend money online, decide how much time you have, and how much time you will need to manage your online project. Conduct through/ongoing project research.

What’s Phishing?

It’s an unscrupulous method used by cyber criminals to extract highly sensitive personal information, like credit card details, Paypal account information, username & password. They use sophisticated computer software to execute any phishing acts.

What’s a Privacy Policy?

Terms and conditions of the specific website, Facebook, twitter policy, which outlines terms of usage of that website, example, an agreement between Facebook and its users

What’s sign in form for and why

The purpose is to get more information about the products or service offered/provided in the website. It is not compulsory to sign in or join, but if you need more info, it is advisable to do so. You may sign in or join but if you feel it’s not what you were looking for, you may quit

What’s signup form for or purpose?

Its form similar to an application form offline, can be application for membership or login information request

I don’t want people making comments on my site, how can I disable comment section?

You can go to your Dashboard, then settings, Discussion. You will then see “allow people to post comments”. Word of warning, disallowing people to make comment is like telling your customers not to complain about what they see in your business. It’s suicidal, people want to express their opinions about what you offer them. Never tell customers to keep quiet, it’s not good for business.

What’s a SPAM or Spamming?

It’s an electronic unsolicited, repeated message sent to the receiver by the sender. Spamming is the activity of sending unsolicited repeated message to others. This kind of activity is normally committed with an intention to force the receiver to consider the sender’s product offer. 

What’s Spam Comment? 

It’s an unsolicited repeated comments left by the site visitor in the comment section of your website. It’s not a comment in the true sense, but an advertising message delivered in your site comment section. 

How do I handle spam comment, must I simply ignore it or what? 

No, comments of this nature can only be blocked by installing a SpamBlocker in your site. WordPress has thousands of plugins to deal with spam comments,e.g. Spamshield. Most importantly all sites hosted at Wealthy Affiliate.com have built-in Comment Spam Blocker, if you have purchased the domain name & hosting there, you won’t need to install any plugin.



What’s Text?

It is a words/sentence you write on the website, similar to a sentence. I am writing a text as we speak

What’s upload/download?

To download is to copy or extract a photo, video or image from internet into your computer or other device. To upload it’s a reverse process of download

What does Up selling mean? 

I’ts a marketing strategy used by advertisers to lure customers to a basic offer with a hidden intention to later introduce a bigger offer.


What’s a web page?

A page online like a book page or magazine page. The website is organized in web pages

What’s web robot?

It’s a software application that invades the internet sites to harvest web user information like email address, password, and other security related site information. Its an illegal unscrupulous method similar to a malware, Trojan horse.

What’s robot txt?

A file/software created by site owner to block internet robots from entering their sites


What are Webinars?

A new platform online for training, a seminar, workshop or discussion similar to a conference offline. Some kind of a video online aimed at telling/teaching you about something

What’s website survey?

It’s a method of seeking user’s opinions about overall site content. It’s similar to feedback method. Surveymonkey.com provide such methods

What’s FDCPA

Federal Trade Commission, Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, these are legislation aimed at protecting consumers from unfair practices/dealings with customers by sellers


It’s a piece of Legislation created by US legislators to regulate the sending of commercial emails


It’s a regulation recently passed by European Union called GENERAL DATA PROTECTION REGULATION which came into effect 25 May 2018. The primary purpose of this law is to protect personal data of all individuals held or kept by Business or any organization from public access. It requires Business/organization to take reasonable steps to protect consumers/buyers/clients/purchasers personal data kept by those businesses or organization from easy access by public

What does 18 US Code Chapter 110 to do with internet marketing? 

This is the USA statute or law prohibiting the advertising or distribution of “obscene showing of minor engaging in sexually explicit conduct” The law is aimed at protecting minors from sexual exploitation.

I don’t reside in USA, does the code applies to me?

All countries of the world have signed treaties/United Nation Laws to protect any child of any country from sexual abuse or sexual exploitation by any person, thus it does apply to you as well.


What are terms & conditions?

These are rules of agreement which binds the company and the user, which regulates site usage by user/subscribers

Question: I need more information in order to take an informed decision?

Answer: You can get more information here


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