Reasons Why Beginner Affiliate Marketers Fail, Online Revenue Expectations

I just want to tell you why beginners don’t succeed in this industry.Its high expectations to earn revenue online. 

I don’t want to be naive here, all of us has joined this industry for a sole purpose of making money. If money doesn’t start rolling in, we abandon our expectations and search for something else

I agree, no one will spend his/her precious time doing something which is worthless. You better spend time doing something that make sense and brings you money

#1 expectation: Online revenue

Every beginner affiliate, I mean 100% of them join this line of business with one thing in mind ONLINE REVENUE. Yes, I agree what else can push you to start online business except to make money.

If you have enough cash or have huge investment somewhere, surely you’ll never think of joining this crap. You came here for a simple reason to generate online revenue. What else can make you come here 

# 2 expectation: stunning website

Creating a site is very simple, anyone can build one these day. With the help of web development experts, you may develop one without any pain.

These days a website is very simple to create, even primary school child can develop one. Stay at Home Moms have websites of their own. If you don’t have a website or can’t develop one, simply logon online and find web developers to do it for you.

#3 expectation: Searching for lucrative products to sell

This is another easy path in this business. Searching for affiliate products which pay high affiliate commission is also simple. You just logon to your affiliate account at Amazon, Walmart, etc, and select those products that will generate high commission.

If they are purchased, your affiliate commission is guaranteed. These products have a low customer return rate.

#4 expectation: Good keywords

Google have variety of components where you can find good keywords to use in your campaign. Some sites also offer free keywords to online marketers. There’re also free software that can be used to search for keywords

#5 expectation: Traffic/visitors

Well, traffic, traffic, and traffic. This is a life blood of any website. Again there’re company sites as well as individuals, who assist beginners to bring traffic or visitors to any site. In case your site is starving  for traffic go online and find help

#6 expectation: Purchasing

If you developed a site, drove traffic to it, There’re no reasons why your visitors can’t purchase something in your site. After visitors has landed in your site and see good products, the next thing for them to do is to buy

#6 expectation: Making money

The end results of the above activities are nothing else, but online revenue generating, i.e. money making

Final thought

If you have completed all the above steps, why then are you not making money?. This where beginner affiliate marketers fail miserably. 

From my own experience, completing the above steps will never generate revenue. Affiliate marketing industry, although labeled a scam business, can’t be so lightly taken. This is a business like all other business online/offline. The biggest problem people have when “attempting” to create a business online is simple.  We all want it fast….we want it easy…and we want it now!

Affiliate marketing revenue can’t be generated by simple completing the above steps. There’s too much work to be done here. How long it takes depends on individual beginner affiliate marketer and the level of business training and practice he/she has.


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