Can affiliate marketing be done without a website?

I have written many articles/posts about creating a website, but this question keeps coming from my followers. I try to discuss it again here.

Advantages of doing affiliate marketing without a site

Well affiliate marketing is the quickest and cheapest method of starting business online. You don’t need huge capital to get started. When you have joined any affiliate program, you just get an affiliate link and start promoting their products

You can promote your link in different ways. You can create an ad with your affiliate link in it. When people click on your link, they will be directed to merchant sites. If they decide to purchase anything, you’ll be rewarded with a commission. Your link will directly drive potential buyers straight to merchant site, with regard to your site, they first have to land somewhere (your site) before they moving to merchant site. 

This means your visitors have to land first to your site before they move your merchant site. That takes too long for them to make purchase. The disadvantages of that process is that, they may feel uncomfortable in your site and leave immediately. There’re many reasons for that. One of them is that your site doesn’t provide what they’re looking for or your site is poorly developed.

The situation is different when you only use a link. the process is much shorter, i.e. it starts from you link and ends in your merchant’s site

Disadvantages of doing affiliate marketing without a site of your own

Amazon, Commission Junction and other major affiliate networks don’t register affiliates if they don’t have sites of their own. Their terms and conditions are that, if you want participate in their affiliate program, you must have a well established site.

In the past, your site wasn’t a requirement to join their affiliate program, but due to marketing behavior of affiliates and their reputation, they saw it fit to  impose additional conditions to participate.

Purchasing goods/products online is not a sprint, but a process. Buyers take time to make a buying decision. They don’t buy from links, but they purchase through surfing the web, looking for solutions to their problems. 

A site of your own, staffed with quality content will influence them to take a decision. A decision, whether to buy or leave to another site. I have said before, people don’t come online to buy, but to search for solutions to their problems. A link is not capable of providing such information.

An affiliate link just send visitors to merchant site and the he/she has to figure out himself or herself what to do on merchant site. Your site is more capable of informing the visitor to make an informed buying decision.

Let be give you my honest answer, 90% successful affiliate marketers, have one,two or more sites of their own. They generate money online through these websites, not stand alone affiliate links.

Final thought

Can affiliate marketing be done without a website? I have got two different answers, Yes, you can, at times not. You don’t need a site to start affiliate marketing business. However. it is strongly advisable to create it. For the simple reason, the internet is organized into billion websites

In order for you to participate productively and profitable here, you definitely need a site of your own. From the start you may not see a need to have one, but as you progress, you’ll discover that a site/location of your own is a way to go.


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