Are There Any Opportunities To Make Money Online?

Beginner affiliate marketers keep asking  this kind of question, ‘are there genuinely money making opportunities online?. They ask it because they have tried everything but such opportunities could not be reached. 

From my own experience, indeed there’re vast opportunities to make a living online. The biggest challenge is HOW find them. I may sound like all other people who promotes money making opportunities. Making a living online is every beginner’s dream, but a dream is just a dream. What matters most is the reality.

Reality of money making opportunities online

Research findings reveal that, there’re almost 3.5 billion internet users and even more than that, 1 billion people make online purchases every year. Some do so by phones others by means of other gadgets. These transactions are growing every year.   

The statistics can’t be wrong. There’re indeed vast opportunities to generate life time income here. It may sound easy as others claim, but it’s not that easy. For you as a beginner, you need to learn how to become a webpreneur. You don’t need a college degree to become one. As you don’t need the same to become a business person. 

We were all beginners at some point 

No one was born a business person, webprenuer, or a advanced affiliate marketer. We were all beginners at some point in life. It’s equally the same in affiliate marketing industry. You’re now a beginner, aspiring to be an advanced affiliate marketer. But one day your beginner status will soon change into super affiliate marketer

To give you a tip, feel free and enjoy the status of being a beginner/novice. By so doing you will accumulate more knowledge and skills on how to become an expert in the field. The combination of knowledge, skills and expertise will drive you to money making opportunities I have  told you about. I just want to assure you that without these credentials, you’ll definitely fail to reach those opportunities

Affiliate marketing controversies

What are affiliate marketing controversies? one of them is to get rich online by selling other people’s staff. It sounds easy I know, but the reality is that merchant companies enroll affiliate marketers to honestly promote their brands. This is not an easy task as other people claim

What I have learned from merchant’s sites, like Amazon, Commission Junction, and others, is that any affiliate selling their staff has to do so with honesty and respect of their customers.

That one can be rich, by placing affiliate link everywhere, is tantamount to damaging their business reputation and contrary to their marketing policies. All merchant companies value their affiliates and also respect their customers reputation. They require you, as an affiliate to abide by their business marketing policies & practices.

You can do so firstly, by learning legitimate affiliate marketing skills and knowledge. It is then where you’ll grab money making opportunities online

Final thought

Indeed there’re vast money making opportunities online. Amazon. com alone has more than 500 000 000 products to sell. Besides Amazon, there’re many more. From my own experience, affiliates have the opportunity to promote/market over billion products. This supports my contention that there’re many opportunities to make money online.

But, first thing first, you need to learn skills and expertise to tap into these opportunities. The question will be, where can one learn those skills. The simple answer, you’ll learn from affiliate marketing training sites. But please be warned not all of them are competent to turn beginners like you to become an expert.  Some they do but others they don’t.


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