Are there Any legitimate Business Opportunities Online?


If you want to start a business online consider joining affiliate marketing, its legitimate.

Internet spending has increased double digits over past 5 years and will continue to do so through 2010 and beyond. Billions ( $1,000,000,000’s) are spent each year online and affiliate marketers are making a large portion of this income.


You can be an “Affiliate” to companies from Multi-National Corporations to Mom and Pop websites on eBay. Every type of product imaginable is available for you to sell. From lingerie to lawnmowers, towels to tractors, bird seed to garden seed, cameras to catamarans, and anything else you can think of.

What Does Affiliate Marketing Entail?

Affiliate marketing in its simplest definition, is sending a customer to a company’s website where he/she makes a purchase. It entails selling other people’s products and gets rewarded for that effort. The best way to make money while at home is, without a doubt, affiliate marketing. Above all it’s a legitimate online business.

Other people tend to associate affiliate marketing business as one of those internet SCAMS or hype business opportunities. Let me tell you this, you need to approach this line of business as any type of business. If your approach to affiliate marketing is to generate huge profit without any work from your part, then consider it as a scam.


Is Affiliate Marketing Business Legitimate

Affiliate marketing is called a scam because people online tend to advertise thousands and thousands of affiliate marketing ebooks, DVD’s and other software, and promise newbie affiliate marketers huge profit making. One day I came across an ad that promises newbie affiliates to buy a secret formula and earn $1000 per day, even if he can’t use a computer mouse. That’s.

Affiliate marketing is similar to all other work from home businesses. The job you have as an affiliate marketer is to align these two entities in efforts to drive sales to either your website or an affiliate website.  Some affiliates make well over $1,000,000 each and every year promoting products online.

There are literally 1000’s of programs that you can promote online, ranging from big box stores like Walmart & Target, to Internet services, to digital products like ebooks and software’s. The opportunities are endless as an affiliate, but you need to prepare yourself for the competition and size of the Internet before jumping in it.


Where To Find Products To Sell?

The following affiliate networks are where you will find the best products to promote online.


Generally speaking, in order for merchants and affiliates to succeed in affiliate marketing, the only thing they need to do is to work hard. Research and formulate marketing tactics, participate in forums and learn from experienced marketers, and most importantly, do not easily get discouraged by failing sides of business. Success in this business is not based on how much luck you have, but it depends on how well do you play (i.e., how much time, effort and management you give)


If you put time, efforts and passion in your affiliate marketing business, you will be rewarded. This rule is true for everything, and it will work with affiliate marketing.


The Fear To Fail


Someone who has never operated a business cannot fail. Simply by beginning, he has succeeded.

Failing to generate revenues in affiliate marketing business is a common phenomenon. 95% of newbie affiliate marketers fall in this category. But if you participate in affiliate membership sites and affiliate marketing forums the chances for you to fail is only 10%


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