Affiliate Marketing: Step-by-Step Guide To Make Passive Income

Website:Amazon Kindle Book

Owner: Mark Smith

Price: $13.38

Overall Rank: 4.1/5

For Who: Beginners



The Good:

This is an ebook by Mark Smith, Affiliate Marketing: Step – by – Step Guide To Make Passive Income. It was published on Amazon Kindle Book in September 2016. The book costs $13.38. The purpose of the book is to teach newbies affiliate marketing in order to generate passive income.  It’s a 68 page guide. It has the following content;

  • How does affiliate marketing works
  • Affiliate marketing Lingo
  • Affiliate marketing resource
  • Affiliate marketing strategies
  • Affiliate marketing networks
  • Social media marketing
  • Affiliate marketing scams
  • Affiliate marketing without a website

The author tries to paint a picture about what the subject is all about. It enables newbies to get an understanding about affiliate marketing project. It’s an easy to use guide for you get background information about starting affiliate marketing journey. The author is a well known writer in  affiliate marketing field. The book is a suitable material for those who have never come across this subject before, But who wants to know more about it.


The Bad

The book is a bit expensive compared to it’s content. Some books of this nature are freely available online. Although the book provides step – by – step information on how the industry works, but it’s content is too limited, i.e it only gives a simple overview of what the subject is all about. It doesn’t have practical details about internet marketing in general and affiliate marketing in particular. The book has only 68 pages, whereas other similar books are written in more than 200 pages

Nonetheless, it’s a step by step guide for you to know what the industry is basically all about. If you need further information about it, you need to search for advanced information online.


Final thought

In a nutshell, affiliate marketing is not a scam as what critics say. It’s business like all others. What scares people away, is a manner how others label it. They regard it as one of those money making gimmicks. It’s not. Those who talk about always associate it as money making system

Indeed, it is a money making system, only if you want to convince people to buy fake affiliate marketing products or you have been scammed somewhere, and you want to do the same to others. I agree it’s a money making gimmick.

Take my advice, affiliate marketing or internet marketing industry, is huge and legitimate business enviroment. Many people have failed and quit in this platform. Now they regard it as an illusive money making project.

Learning affiliate marketing information is an investment on its own. Anything that you learn in your lifetime is an investment. i.e. future investment. Although, affiliate marketing step by step guide to make passive income,  doesn’t necessarily give you an in depth knowledge of the subject, but getting just an overview of it will go along way in teaching you about the industry.

An ongoing training in any subject is a way to go in order to keep abreast with new developments. Any person in life, needs money, learning how to generate passive income in any form is essential exercise. Thus, purchasing this ebook is right step in a right direction



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