Affiliate Marketing: Launch online Business With Clickbank, Amazon Affiliate Products,

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Owner: Noah Gray

Price: $13.99

Rating: 4/5




The Good

This is an ebook by Noah Gray, Affiliate Marketing: Launch Six Figure Business With Clickbank, Amazon affiliate Products, The book was published at Amazon Kindle Books in December 2017. It had been positively reviewed by 24 buyers. The book content includes the following topics;

  • Affiliate marketing and how it works
  • Affiliate marketing history
  • How To Start Affiliate marketing Business
  • Affiliate Marketing Networks
  • Affiliate Commission Methods
  • Building Traffic
  • Tips on how To Earn Money
  • Methods To promote Affiliate Marketing Business
  • General Mistakes Affiliate Make
  • Advantages of Affiliate Marketing
  • Disadvantages of Affiliate Marketing
  • Developing A Website Structure
  • Promoting Affiliate Offers
  • Earning $11 000 per Month From Affiliate Marketing Business
  • Tips To Become Successful Affiliate Marketer
  • Strategies To Increase Site Traffic
  • Amazon,Clickbank, Rakuten Affiliate Program

The book provides basic information regarding affiliate marketing business. It is organized into chapters and has 268 pages. The author has written the book to assist beginners with background information about the subject matter. It enables newbies to get a basic understanding about affiliate marketing in general. It costs $13.99 a once fee price

The Bad

Although the book provides valuable information regarding the subject, however, affiliate marketing business comes with its own inherent challenges. There’re three important components in this business. One is You, an affiliate, second is the product and lastly and most important is the customer. You may learn as much information as you can about it, but the last component is the key to your six figure income goal.

I agree, Amazon, Rakuten, has million products to pick and sell online, but there’s a customer at the end of the chain. The customer must be convinced to purchase either by affiliate link or website. If no one purchase anything, you don’t get affiliate commission and you have no business to be proud of. 

There’s nothing wrong in learning about affiliate marketing but the difficult part of it, is how to convince buyers to buy. There’s where advertising  or marketing comes to the picture. You may have developed a stunning affiliate website, staffed with with lucrative affiliate products. How do you then convince the internet users to buy in order to be compensated for your effort. In one of the book chapters, the author talks about earning $11 000 from affiliate marketing. I think that’s overstatement, To generate that amount in this business requires a lot of hard working. How much spending is required to do it, is a topic for another day. 

Final Thought

The book provides a learner with basic valuable information regarding affiliate marketing. It serves as guideline to start affiliate marketing business project. 

However, you need to be warned, affiliate marketing is not for desperate people searching for money making miracles. You may purchase the book but don’t expect that by end of your reading, money will start coming in. What a buyer must do is to implement what he/she has learned.

Getting good results in this business, requires more than reading written material. The art of convincing people to buy takes a lot of hard working, let alone bringing traffic to your site, but nonetheless, The book content, Affiliate Marketing: Launch a Six Figure Business with Clickbank Products, Affiliate Links, Amazon Affiliate Program and Internet Marketing (Online Business) can’t be ignored.



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