Affiliate Marketing, Genuine or Scam Business Project

This question has been asked over and over again by million people who had tried to make money online, but failed. “affiliate marketing genuine or scam business“. I will try to give you my own perspective. There is a difference between making money and building a business to make money. Building affiliate marketing business and making money goes hand in hand. These aren’t two event, but two systems in one.

What’s “making money”, what’s affiliate marketing?


Chasing money making projects, is not business. It’s similar to gambling in a casino, hoping the 77777 will match. That’s what money making is all about. if you simply purchase a book/software with a view of making money online is a wrong method of approaching affiliate marketing. There’s nothing wrong in buying information material with a purpose of improving your knowledge. It becomes a problem if you buy it & the author promises you that after reading it, money will starting pouring in.

A word of warning, you have to approach affiliate marketing as any kind offline business. In case you approach it as a ticket to instant wealth without anything from your side, then consider it a rip- off.  Affiliate/Internet marketing is known as scam because those on-line advertisers present 1000’s of ebooks, software products associated with internet marketing and guarantee beginners affiliates to generate massive income. Some “guru” internet marketers offer you secret formulas to become rich, even if you can’t click a mouse.

Where Does An Internet Marketer Find Products To Sell?

The following are some of the affiliate marketing networks where  affiliate marketers join, create business site & make money;


These networks have hundreds of companies who need your help to get their products off their shelves.

Final thoughtdown (2)

Please be warned signing up with almost all of them is easy, but convincing customers to buy is very difficult, its a mountain to climb. There are thousands and thousands products available. The affiliate commissions are tempting; they range form $10 to $150 per sale or lead.

I ‘m an internet marketer for almost four of these networks, I normally receive $950 to $3820 in affiliate commissions. When I was a beginner I applied pay per click marketing method. I failed miserably since I wasn’t trained to apply PPC methods. I sign up with internet marketing training site. My situation improved dramatically, until I reached the level where I’m now.

Affiliate marketing is similar to any offline business venture. You as an affiliate marketer ought to perform certain work in order to generate income. You have to invest some money and time in order to make it profitable. Internet marketers are currently generating huge income in affiliate commissions everyday on –line. That’s a indisputable fact. In order to get there, you need to be prepared for bumpy roads. Nothing comes easy.

Affiliate  marketing business is genuine home based business opportunity. It’s not a scam; to my experience it is suitable for all low income earners who want a part time business in order to generate additional income for himself/herself and the family. It’s also suitable for the unemployed people and university students, pensioners etc.  if it’s done on full time basis, it’s a permanent  employment on its own.




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