Absolute Beginner’s Guide To Affiliate Marketing

Owner: Bobby DeVeaux

Price: $3.44

Rating: 1/5

For who: Beginners




This book was written by Bobby DeVeaux, “Absolute Beginner’s Guide To Affiliate Marketing” was published at Amazon Kindle book in January 2013. It was written for those who want to enter affiliate marketing industry, the ebook has 1/5 rating. It contains the following information

  • About the author
  • Affiliate marketing and You
  • Affiliate marketing monthly income
  • How it works

There’s nothing a newbie will learn from this material, except that it simply outlines what affiliate marketing is all about and how it works in about 13 pages. It’s cheap because it only costs $3. 44. The target market for this book is beginner affiliate marketers. 

The bad: 

Although the author has taken trouble in writing and publishing the book, but from my own affiliate marketing experience, it’s poorly written and has nothing to offer. Purchasing the book will be simply waste of money.

But why, do I waste time telling you about it. It is because, I was disturbed when I discovered that it has claimed 8th position on Google. This happens continuously. It means the author has work his butt off to make sure it remains in that position for considerable period of time.

Another shortcoming. is that, the book has 16 000 backlinks. The main reason why the author wrote it, is to harvest as much backlinks as possible to his site. Surely, he is selling other stuff not related to affiliate marketing. His main goal is generate traffic. 

Some people dislike affiliate marketing, and usually label it as a scam. I have alluded before that the book was earmarked for beginners. It was published long time ago, in 2013, but it appears on the Google front page. Surely, a written material of this nature can’t remain in that space for such long. 

From my affiliate marketing perspective, this is a disservice to beginners. It provides absolutely no learning information regarding the subject, And most importantly, it was never downloaded. I wonder why the author still believes that someone from somewhere may buy it

Final thought

I don’t want to dwell much about this written material except the fact that, it was written long time ago and teaches nothing regarding affiliate marketing. What the author seeks to achieve here is to collect money from unsuspecting affiliate marketing newbies. Or rather to collect as much backlinks as possible

 These are some of the challenges facing affiliate marketing newbies. You join this industry with a hope to make money or build sustainable online business, but you get similar material. You need not feel bad about it. All of us was in same boat, but through learning the inns and out of the industry, we realized that certain things don’t work at all. 

 What I can advice you as a newbie is to join reputable membership sites, and get opinion from site members, who have wast experience about the subject. Purchasing some learning material with a hope that you’ll master the subject is suicidal. Rather spend time and money joining affiliate marketing membership sites.

Although, I made mention of membership sites, however not all of them provide valuable information, but at least, there’re are people on those sites where you can accumulate as much information as possible regarding the subject



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