About Me


My name is Luther, premium member at Wealthy Affiliate Incorporate. Before becoming a member, a certain business guru advised me to pursue a career in affiliate/internet marketing.

I wasted no time, bought a computer and connect online. I created a Gmail account at Google.com, write and receive emails.


I signed up at Clikbank.com and create and account, receive affiliate link (http://hop.clickbank.net/?mm1964/movadvance).There were thousands of products to market/promote online. It was an exciting journey. The link was like a domain name and the products to promote was movie downloads.

I started promoting my merchant products online.  The response I got were bunch of junk emails in my inbox. There were no sales in my Clickbank account. I felt like quitting this affiliate marketing “thing”.

I didn’t have the basic internet/affiliate marketing skills, which is very crucial for beginners in this industry. 

It until I came across Wealthy Affiliate.com. I received online training in the form of BOOTCAMPS, which included the following: 

  1. What internet marketing is all about
  2. How to sign up and create an affiliate account
  3. Where to cloak an affiliate link for free or at affordable price e.g $7.00 
  4. How to create and maintain your website for free 
  5. How to write quality content for my website
  6. How to create images
  7. Where to find affiliate programs 
  8. Where to find willing customers to buy 
  9. How to search for lucrative keywords
  10. Article directories which are search engine optimized, not just any article directory
  11. How to write & send emails
  12. How to create Pay Per Click ad campaign
  13. Where to place your PPC ad
  14. How to choose & host your website domain name
  15. How to create landing page
  16. How to optimize your website
  17. Online support
  18. And many more webinars

I’m not a guru internet marketer, but I have progressed from newbie to advanced internet marketer. If you dedicate yourself to learning how things are genuinely done online, surely chances are very slim to fail in this industry

This is the site, I created and developed after training



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