6 Things To Expect When You Begin Affiliate Marketing Business Today

You now have decided to try affiliate marketing business, and wondering what lies ahead. There’re certain things or challenges to expect when you pursue this line of business

  • Affiliate marketing scams

Affiliate marketing or money making gimmicks are abundant online. These scams are as old as internet itself. Well, any affiliate marketing newbie had been been scammed at some point in their business life. People have lost faith and never ever believe that affiliate marketing is a genuine business model. To others this business is scam related. How will you convince people that it’s not what they think it is.

  • Affiliate marketing programs/systems

Promoters of this business have developed programs/ funnel systems that will assist you to succeed. Do these products deliver the promised results. I guess they don’t. May be you have purchased dozens of them, and they’re lying in your computer. There’re few that I know of, article submitter, ad blaster, email submitter etc

There’re many more. The problem with these software, is that they fail to deliver the promised results. I had purchased a lot of them, with a hope, that they will assist me to improve my marketing efforts, but they didn’t

May be you’re selling a certain product, you don’t have clue how to create a review. There’re guys who can assist you in getting fictitious people to positively review your product or site.  You pay them as little as $5, 10 or $50 to do it for you. Others are copywriters, they write articles for you in case you’re lazy or battling to write. It’s tempting, if you’re a beginner, this kind of work is tempting, you feel that you can purchase 100, 200 articles/posts or pages at once. 

  • Internet ambiguous language

Some affiliate/internet marketing terminologies are difficult to comprehend. It requires extensive knowledge to understand what goes around affiliate marketing industry. Most of the beginners in this business, don’t understand concept like, simply “upsell”, squeeze page, landing page, call-to-action, etc. 

They’re indeed confusing, you need to get training in order to know and apply them.  Any business or industry has its own unique language. If you’re a newbie, definitely you’ll never understand terms and concepts they use and apply

  • Lack of Web development skills

This skill is only acquired through training either online or offline. I think you have had about computer programmers, software developers and many other technical experts.I guess me and you were have never been training in computer programming or software development

Any site requires an on going development and improvement. Your site must be maintained and improved from time to time

  • Unavailability of spending budget 

You need a little bit cash to finance your affiliate marketing project. You need a hosting fee, email marketing account fee, domain registration fee, and any expenditure your project  may require. 

I know you came here because, you want to make money not spend anything. I need to warn you, there’s nothing for nothing in this world. These are some of the challenges you’ll come across in this industry

  • Lack of one- on – one support

All affiliate marketing beginners are always promised that once they join any program or purchase any product, help will be readily available. From my own experience no help was ever available. I was battling alone to master the art and technicalities of this business.

The moment you cry for help, some one will offer you a program/software to buy. Or you’ll be advised to upgrade your account to premium level. You can upgrade, but I can assure you the next level is staffed by experienced marketers, who’ll sell you all sorts of affiliate marketing products. It’s all about selling affiliate marketing things. 


Final thought

The lists of things I have mentioned supra are not exhaustive but these are 6 basic things to expect when you begin affiliate marketing business 



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