5 Basic Process of Affiliate Marketing

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The basic process of affiliate marketing is as follows:

1) Sign up with an affiliate program. There are tons to pick from but some of the well-known ones are clickbank, commission junction, and linkshare.

2) Choose a product you would like to sell. There many different theories on how to pick a winning product.

3) Get your affiliate link.  This is a link that you will use in your chosen advertising techniques so you receive a percentage of the sale amount when someone clicks on your link.

4) Promote your affiliate link. There are many different ways to promote your link both paid and free.


5) Collect Your Paychecks. Every time someone clicks on this link and makes a purchase, you get paid a percentage of the product purchase price anywhere from 1% to upwards of 75% depending on the product.

Is It Really That Easy?

It’s easy said than done. If you’re planning to travel the affiliate marketing journey, you’re required to do more than accomplishing the above basic affiliate marketing process. People tend to lure newbie affiliate marketers into this industry. The 5 basic steps are just the idea of what one can expects when pursuing internet marketing wealth. Anyone can perform these steps with easy. But the main goal of affiliate marketing is to make money. Yes, money, from my own experience no money can be made,  by just following the above steps.

If you’re serious about making money the affiliate way, you need more information than the one provided above. It’s a fundamental prerequisite to learn how money is made. Before dreaming of generating income, basic training is required, which include, webinars, tutorials, online lessons, on – on – one coaching, assistance/guidance etc. In order to fully grasp what internet marketing entails, you need a reputable platform where you’ll learn. Once you have acquired such information, you’ll then be in a position to start affiliate marketing project & succeed. 




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