10 Best Strategies to Become a Marketing Guru and Earn More

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Website: Amazon Kindle Books

Owner: James Stevens

Price: $1,13

Rating: 4.6/5

For who: Beginners 





Ten best strategies to become guru marketing, is a product of James Stevens, published in  22 January 2016. The book contains the following strategies

  • Introduction
  • Learning internet marketing
  • Determining your market
  • How to diversify your interest
  • How to get information
  • How to get into social media platform (two  strategies)
  • Mistakes to avoid in internet marketing
  • Favorite sites

In order to fully understand how internet marketing works, you need to learn how things are done online, what strategies are used by advanced internet marketers are using. It’s not a rocket science these methods are learnt right here online. James, is trying to inform newbies how to approach this industry. He created this material for purposes of assisting them to succeed.


What James didn’t provide is the detailed content of the his strategies. But, if you can purchase this piece of material, you may find the details therein. However, one may argue that, there’re many of these strategies online. Some of them had been tried & tested but doesn’t produce good results.

In business platform, a one shoe fits all approach doesn’t work. In order to accomplish a complex task like online marketing industry, you need to employ different methods. You need to approach this project in different angles. In order to make any money in business, you need to apply different methods. A strategy that works for me, won’t necessarily work for you, but if you combine all of them you learned about, they will surprise you, best results can be achieved.

Becoming a guru, in this business, requires alot of effort form your side. James didn’t mention this area. You need time, passion, interest, some initial investment. What newbies don’t understand in this industry is that money doesn’t come easy, You need to be patient, calm, work on your project. Success will come, but no one can determine with certainty when it will come. 10 best strategies developed by James may add value to your internet marketing initiatives




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